Iā€™m Jenny Karlsson, the premier pet photographer in Pittsburgh, PA. I specialize in capturing the personality of your furry family members, and the special bond that you have with them. I've been documenting pets and families since 2011, and am proud to be known for my immense level of patience, wide array of animal noises, and ability to create portraits that make my clients hearts happy.

Having grown up on our family farm in northern Sweden, I have always been surrounded by animals and inspired by the beauty in nature. I've lived in Pittsburgh for over 10 years, and am a foodie, a traveler, and an avid non-fiction reader. I started my career in cell biology research at Pitt, and realized while pursuing my MBA degree that pet photography was my calling.

 My husband and I have one dog. Alice. She is a Shepherd-Akita mix that we fell in love with when volunteering as dog walkers at a local animal rescue. Alice loves to sleep on her back, snores louder than my husband, loves midnight snacks such as bread and cheese, and thinks that the third floor in our house (the bedroom) is her loft where we often find toys and treats buried under our comforter.

Anatole France said "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." I couldn't agree more. While I love documenting my dog's goofy personality, I value even more those images that embody the companionship that we share. When I work with my clients, I strive to capture the love and energy that comes from your heart.

My work has been featured by Maniac Magazine, Next Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pretty Fluffy, Shady Ave, The Daily Dog Tag, and Whirl Magazine among others. For the last four years I've photographed the winner of Molyneaux's pet photo contest featured on billboards around Pittsburgh. In 2012 Jenny Karlsson Photography was ranked one of the best places for pet photography in Pittsburgh by CBS Locals, and recently won Best of the Burgh 2015. To book a session contact me at info@jennykarlssonphotography.com.

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