The beginning of an aspiring pet photographer

** UPDATE ** I am no longer in the portfolio building phase. Please see the information page if you are interested in booking a session. The other day I received a fortune cookie that said “The major value in life is not in what you get, but in what you become”. While I wouldn’t mind some new tech toys or a fancy car, I do strongly believe that we are in charge of our lives and that we should strive to make the most of it. One of my guilty (nerdy) pleasures is that I read a lot of business books. Many of the photography related books talk about how important it is to define one’s vision and style, among other things. While I’m still trying to figure these things out, I know that I’ve always enjoyed photographing pets. I love their curiosity, and the challenge to show their personality through patient observation. This year I’m looking to expand my pet portfolio with modern lifestyle portraits of pets on location. I’m in search of cats, dogs, rabbits, and possibly rats, but no snakes (iiick). So send me an email and tell me why your pet would be the perfect model :).

Pittsburgh Pet PhotographyPittsburgh Pet PhotographyPittsburgh Pet PhotographyPittsburgh Pet PhotographyPittsburgh Pet Photography

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