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Today I'd like to continue with the second half of my portrait session with Kristen, Ricky, and Georgie in Frick Park. A while back, when I posted on my blog that I was looking for subjects for my portfolio, Kristen replied and suggested that not only would her pets be easy to work with and eager to pose, but they'd also bring some real personality to the photos. I have to agree. :) The story of Georgie Ray

Our 1 year old black lab mix had a rough start in life. He was born at a Kill Shelter down in Georgia, and his litter of 12 was set to be euthanized. Luckily, a great volunteer for the Humane Society started a project called “The Puppy Pipeline.” He goes every few weeks down to Kill Shelters in Georgia, loads up a van with puppies, and brings them to shelters up north. When Georgie arrived at the Humane Society, he was very sick with kennel cough, full of worms, and covered in fleas. After a flea bath and some dewormer, he started to recover, but the kennel cough only got worse. We took him home, and he couldn't eat or drink anything; he was coughing and dry heaving every few minutes! It was horrible. We raced him to the vet who gave him fluids and medication, but it literally took 2 months for Georgie to recover fully. (He also had some serious stomach issues, which I won’t go into much detail about– but after a month of not gaining weight and trying multiple expensive foods, his body finally decided that it could handle one of the most pricey dog foods on the market! Thanks George!)

He is now a happy and loving dog that turns everybody into his best friend. Walking down the street can be a chore sometimes; whenever he sees a person or another dog, he will literally cry until he is allowed to greet them. (And when I say cry, I mean weep!) Though he is pushing 60 lbs, he is still 100% lap dog, and often refuses to use his large expensive bed that we bought for him. What he does use it for though is his Kong– He’ll take his Kong and place it in the bed. Then he’ll pick the bed up and toss it, making most of the treats/kibble come raining out of the Kong. It is surprisingly very efficient, and we can’t believe he came up with it. He’ll spend an hour putting the Kong in the bed and throwing the bed over and over and over.

Pittsburgh Dog Photography

Pittsburgh Dog PhotographyPittsburgh Dog PhotographyPittsburgh Dog PhotographyPittsburgh Dog PhotographyPittsburgh Dog PhotographyPittsburgh Dog Photography

This makes me think of a lion on the savanna.

Pittsburgh Dog Photography

I have a squeaky toy in my toolkit to be used as an attention grabber. Georgie loved running around with it in his mouth and just playing with it. :)

Pittsburgh Dog Photography

What a handsome duo.

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