A loved dog has many names

It's been three weeks since Alice came home with us from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. You may have noticed that the blog has been at a complete standstill since the day we got her. Life has changed in many ways and we are enjoying her company tremendously. I don't think we knew what we were asking for when we said that we didn't want a dog that is a couch potato. Alice can walk for hours upon hours without any sign of getting tired. She is an incredibly smart cookie and already knows sit, paw, and lay down. Most of the time she has done all commands without me asking for them. She knows just by the fact that I'm holding her favorite bag of treats (freeze-dried venison liver) in my hand.

House training took one day. It wasn't her that needed to change. It was us who had to get on board with the approximate time from eating to pooping. The scientist in me of course started to set a timer after we had failed twice in a row. Problem was solved. Crate training was a breeze. She does however sense when we are leaving so instead of coming when we call, she'll run in the opposite direction. She has already escaped once and set off down the road. Fortunately one of the neighbors were out with their dog so she went over there... but whenever we came closer she just took off again... until she was offered treats.

We take it very seriously to show her who the alpha is in our pack. She can't do whatever she wants, and often it results in her crying if she isn't allowed to go to the other dogs that she sees on the trail. While we haven't watched much of The Dog Whisperer Show yet, we try to keep in mind that it important to always stay calm and assertive.

To us Alice has become a loved family member. She has a ton of nicknames already. She is Alice, baby girl, girly girl, pooper, stinker, goofy, the beast, etc. etc. Expect to see lots of pictures of her on the blog from now on. :)