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A couple of weeks ago I met Karen, Mark, and their lab Tucson who is going to be one of the pets featured in the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society's 2012 Calendar. Tucson has all the lab characteristics - loves to play, swim, sleep and eat - his favorite. Well, actually his favorite is getting treats. Before finding Karen and Mark, Tucson, a yellow lab, was found wandering on the roads of Buffalo Township and was picked up by Animal Control and taken to the Butler Animal Shelter. That was eight years ago. He was fostered for a few weeks until the family found that they were allergic to him; so back to the shelter he went.

The shelter put his photo in the local paper, but no one came for him. He had gone from one family, to the shelter, to a foster family, and then back to the shelter. Karen's son got a call from the foster family about this shy, cute, friendly lab that she had to go see.

Karen and her husband Mark had lost their last German Shepherd nine months ago and were just now ready for a new pet. The first three weeks Tucson would not look them in the eye, but slowly they gained his trust. When he knew he was at their home to stay, he showed them all the tricks he knew.


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