The Furminator

When Alice came to the Humane Society in May she was really intimidated by the new environment, and she hardly ate anything. After two weeks she finally started touching her food again, and when we adopted her we gave her two cups of dry food and a little bit of wet food for breakfast and dinner. We worried that she wouldn't eat, but the bowl was usually empty in an instant, and she finally started gaining weight. Recently she spent ten days at Camp Bow Wow while we visited my family in Sweden. Via webcam I could watch how she was playing with the other dogs, and when Bradley returned to Pittsburgh, my mom and I sat in front of the computer with a really slow mobile Internet connection and watched when he picked her up. I felt like a total nerd, but loved being able to see my baby girl.

When I got back to Pittsburgh this past Monday, I looked at Alice and thought that she had gained a lot of weight. Maybe we were feeding her too much? Later that week when I started to see hairballs flying by, and the floor was covered in white hairs only hours after vacuuming, I took her outside to see if she needed to be brushed. And boy did she need it! After 30 minutes of brushing the under-layer of her fur was still coming off in droves.

If you also have a dog who sheds a lot, I highly recommend the Furminator. Alice now looks like she lost several pounds, and her fur is glowing.

Alice - A Pittsburgh German Shepherd Akita MixAlice - A German Shepherd Akika Mix 2