Santa - Behind the Scenes

The Pet photos with Santa event that was held this past Saturday at Petagogy was a blast! So many adorable cats and dogs came to have their photos taken. While there will be a few more days before the portraits are revealed... Here are a few shots from the event, and what was going on in the moments in between when Santa didn't have canine visitors. :)

These are the owners of Petagogy: Elsie, Ben (Santa), Cole, and Heather. They are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to pets health, and have built a really fun store for pets and their owners. Thanks guys for a wonderful day!

Anders and Foxy enjoyed a few cookies after their portraits were done. :)

This is me and my good friend Alisa who assisted me this weekend, and helped document the event. Cole did an awesome job as my attention-grabbing assistant, and Heather and Elsie rocked at the front of the store .

Santa... Well he was doing a little bit of everything. :)