Harper | A Portrait Session in Mellon Park

When you combine wonderful people + an adorable dog + beautiful scenery, life is good! I met with Flo, Jim and their dog Harper, on an early November morning, for a portrait session in Mellon Park. We were blessed with sunshine, and the golden leaves were still hanging on the trees. I'll admit that I didn't know beforehand what colors Ohio State has on their jerseys, but when I found out that they were my favorite color (red) I was really excited. The fact that Harper had her own matching jersey made it even better.

Flo and Jim have had Harper since December 2009 when she was about 10 weeks old. They were moving to Pittsburgh from Ohio and were visiting family in the Cleveland area. Jim's sister was looking into getting a dog or cat so they went along with her to Petland in Ohio. They were thinking of getting a dog soon but had not yet fully decided when or what type. They were so tempted by the sad looking pups at Petland that they decided to hold a couple (who could resist puppies?). Jim says that once he put Harper in Flo's arms and saw her face light up he knew right then and there that this would be their dog, there was no doubt in his mind. They like to think that they "rescued" her from Petland...

Harper is a 2 year old Bichon Frise. They named her after Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird but she has many nicknames around their house. Harper loves fresh fruit and veggies, and will come running into the kitchen if she hears Flo and Jim cutting up an apple, thinking she is entitled to a piece. She is very playful still and loves to play chase with the other dogs at the dog park and would play fetch in the house all day if she had her way. She thinks every dog and every person is her friend and will charge at a stranger on the sidewalk for attention if they look at all like they might be interested in her. When she was a puppy Flo would walk her on their street and cars would often stop in the middle of the street just to see her! Although she is playful she is also a very snuggly dog. She loves to cuddle on the couch or in the bed and can always be found on their laps or at their feet if they are home.

"We never imagined that we could love a dog so much."