Cooper | Pittsburgh Pet Photography

Last summer I met Amanda, Steve, and their dog Cooper for a portrait session. I've never met a dog with such a big smile, and just looking at these pictures makes me happy. We ran, jumped, and played and had a great time in their backyard. You may notice that Cooper doesn't look exactly like the typical Bernese Mountain Dog, but has a gorgeous golden brown fur. Every pet has a story. :) Amanda had a Cocker Spaniel for 13 years and had to put him to sleep on November 2nd, two days after Amanda and Steve moved into their first home. Amanda was absolutely devastated and cried every day because she felt lost without him. One day Steve asked if Amanda wanted to get another dog/puppy soon, and she told him that she wasn’t sure but realized that even just thinking about getting another one to fill that void somehow made her feel better. Amanda wanted something completely different than her Cocker Spaniel so she decided that she wanted a big dog. She had always loved Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Amanda started looking at getting one of those, but quickly found that a purebred can be very expensive. She then searched online at classified ads to see if she could find one to adopt. As she was scrolling down the page, she saw the cutest little puppy face picture. Amanda clicked on the picture to see what kind of dog it was and low and behold he was a Bernese Mountain Dog/Golden Retriever mix. He was an Oops puppy. The breeder thought their dog was having purebred Bernese Mt Dogs but when they came out looking like they did she knew that their dog must have gotten loose with the next door neighbors Golden Retriever. Her mistake was definitely Amanda and Steve's gain.

The breeder had named him Crawford but neither Amanda nor Steve really liked that name enough to keep it. It took them almost a week and countless of names before they came up with Cooper. Today they're not sure where that name came from, but when Steve said it, they were both in agreement that it was the perfect name for their dog.

Cooper's favorite toy is anything that is a really hard plastic material. He ate his first food and water bowl that Amanda got for him, so she had to get stainless steel ones from then on. If you’re not paying enough attention to him he goes and gets into something he shouldn't get into, like the laundry or the closet. Then he’ll bring the item he’s not supposed to have to you, and when you go to grab it he starts running around the house. So it gets you to chase him.

Cooper loves to cuddle, and being with Amanda and Steve. He is quite the attention hog and constantly wants to be petted and feel like he is part of everything. He knows when they are leaving, so his new thing is to lay down and give them his belly to rub. Maybe he thinks that if he’s cute enough they won’t leave?

I would say that he is quite adorable! :)

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