Good Reads

One of my favorite pastimes has always been reading. As a kid my mom would read Enid Blyton's series about The Famous Five's adventures. It was the most amazing stories, and me and my brother would never let her stop. When I look back at the books that I used to read when growing up, it was often about adventure, travel, and survival. For example, Robinson Crusoe is one of my all-time-favorites. As a business owner and MBA graduate I now tend to read a lot of books about marketing, entrepreneurship, creativity, negotiation, and photography. I try to add a fiction book or two in between so that I remember that reading should also be a form of relaxation. One of my favorite things about no longer being in school, is that whatever I choose to read, I read it for me. There is no test to study for. Instead it's all about how I implement that knowledge in my daily life to grow both personally and professionally. I love that.

These are some of the books that I am currently reading or have read. I just signed up for an account on so find me there, and let's share book recommendations!

Books for Entrepreneurs & Creatives