Kori Mallon's CD Release Concert

A couple of years ago when Bradley and I were getting married, we wanted to incorporate acoustic music into our wedding ceremony. Not necessarily violins, but something that was us. It finally hit us when we attended our friends Abbie and KC's wedding, and KC's sister Kori and her boyfriend (now husband) Tim sang a Ray LaMontagne song during their ceremony. Kori's voice is incredible and was giving me goosebumps. We contacted Kori and Tim and asked if they would like to perform at our wedding. They said yes. :) We picked Ingrid Michaelson's song "The way I am", which they performed beautifully. At the time of our wedding, Kori and Tim were working hard on recording an album. The album is finished now, and was called "The Songs of Generations". The title was chosen because Kori's parents wrote the songs on the album decades ago when they were young musicians, and one day when Kori's mom sang one of them, Kori didn't remember having ever heard it before. This brought on a discussion of what would happen to the songs if no one documented them. "Maybe this is something for you to do" Kori's mom said. The words stuck with Kori, and over time she and Tim took on this project and recorded the album that now can be purchased on iTunes. Bradley and I attended their release concert at Calvary Chapel this past Saturday and here are some pictures that I took at the event. I love the emotion of Kori's parents when Kori is singing the song that sparked this whole project.