Henry & Harold | Pittsburgh Pet Photography

Michaela and Dave recently brought their duo Henry and Harold for a portrait session in Frick Park. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning documenting the personalities of these boys, and the love that Michaela and Dave have for them. This is their story; After months of whining and wearing down Dave, he finally agreed that they could get a dog. Michaela had been back visiting her folks in Boston for Thanksgiving when Dave decided to surprise her with a canine pal. Dave says that when Henry was brought out, he started blitzing around in figure eights like a wild man and right then and there, Dave knew he was meant to be theirs. From day one, Henry has brought them so much joy and love -- it's hard for them to believe there was ever a time that they got by without him. Henry is filled with pizazz and has no problem chasing the biggest, most fierce looking dog at the park. Apparently, he has no idea he weighs only sixteen pounds! They often joke that Henry thinks he's a person-- from putting his head on a pillow at bed time to his undying love for ice cream (he knows how to daintily "clean up" a melty cone), this little ball of fluff constantly has them in stitches!

Life with Henry was so delightful, that they began tentatively looking for a second dog this past fall, (double the fun, they said), when they came across Harold. Harold was rescued from a very trafficky road in Shadyside by a college student who tried very hard to find his owners. When no one stepped forward, she was going to be forced to bring him to a shelter. Michaela had stumbled across a photo of Harold and couldn't bare the thought of him going to a shelter. From the moment they met him, Dave and Michaela both remarked at what human eyes Harold had. He was like an old soul. So they brought him home, he immediately peed on a chair--now, if THAT isn't charm, what is?-- and was henceforth, a Realey.

Though Henry wasn't sure what to make of Harold at first, they quickly became pals. Though Harold is undoubtedly larger and stronger than Henry, he often lets Henry win in their ongoing wrestling matches (which includes pint-sized Hen pinning Harold on all fours and growling).  And Henry has taught Harold to be a pet (they think he'd been living on the streets for awhile)-- he taught his new brother the beauty of laying in front a fan, how to ride in a car like a gentleman, the art of the cuddle and most importantly, a love of ice cream.

"These two ruffians have brought us so much happiness and joy, it's unquantifiable. We are so thankful every single day to have them! What a blessing these boys are!"