Libby and Abby | Pittsburgh Pet Photography

Ron and Chris brought home their first Sheltie almost 26 years ago and immediately fell in love with the breed.  They have had a total of 5 over the years including the two that they currently have, Libby and Abby. They brought Libby (brown nose) home around the 4th of July nine years ago and decided to name her Liberty Belle and call her Libby for short. She is the sweetest most even tempered of all of their dogs. She loves to "assist" Ron when he works on projects around their house. She especially loves it when she gets to be a carpenter. They decided that Libby needed a "little sister", so along came Abby (black nose).  Abby is two and was named by Ron after Abby on NCIS. She is full of energy, much of which is spent on trying to get Libby's attention. Sometimes Libby looks at them like "what were you thinking"? But deep down inside they think that she really likes her.  Abby loves everyone and thinks everyone should love her. She is a jumper and many of her "friends" don't appreciate her sign of affection.

Libby and Abby took their first trip to the beach this year and were angels.

"Both of "our girls" bring so much joy and love into our lives that we feel very blessed to have them as part of our family."  - Ron & Chris

Libby and Abby will appear in Our Best Friends Calendar 2013 that benefits the animals of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.