Cody | Pittsburgh Pet Photography

When Cody's mom and I scheduled his photo shoot she send me a picture of him and his stuffed toy - a miniature version of himself. Cody is probably the cutest Pomeranian I've ever met. I sense that it is easy to say that about every Pomeranian because of their fluffy fur and beaming smiles. Even though the portrait doesn't show it, he is also the biggest Pomeranian I've ever seen. When I asked his mom if he was normal-sized she just shook her head and laughed. Cody was so excited to be visiting his neighbor's yard, while Willie who had just finished his photo shoot took off for the roof. :) Cody is one of the dogs that will be featured in Our Best Friends Calendar 2013 that benefits the animals of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.  To order your copy of the calendar visit WPHS calendar website.