Pittsburgh Pet PhotographerToday I'd like to share a session I recently did with Olive, a Jack Russell/Fox Terrier mix and dog model extraordinaire.  She has a big smile, is extremely loving, and is a joy to photograph. We have previously met at some of Petagogy's events, and now that I came to her home for a lifestyle portrait session we were best buddies within 5 min. She just wanted to snuggle up as close as possible and give kisses. View her session slideshow below, or scroll down to view some of my favorites and hear Olive's adoption story.

Ashley and her boyfriend always knew they wanted to adopt. They also knew it would have to be a smaller dog since they live in an apartment. For months after they started looking, they got turned down left and right for not being married, not owning a house, not having ever owned a dog previously, and on and on -- it was frustrating. Then one day Olive (who was Lucy at the time) popped up on Petfinder, they called right away, drove to see her at a foster home in Ohio, and took her home that day. She was about 3 months old.

Dog photographer in PittsburghPet Photographer in PittsburghWhen they walked in to see her, she immediately cowered and peed herself. It broke my heart, Ashley says. Then, the entire hours-long ride home, she threw up repeatedly, all over Ashley and the car. Ashley decided that the best way to deal with this sad, pathetic little dog was to spoil her rotten from that day on, and as a result, Ashley is now the (proud? ish?) owner of the biggest diva in Pittsburgh. She is pretty sure Olive thinks that she owns Ashley, and she has no idea she isn't human.Pet Photographer in PittsburghDog Photographer in Pittsburgh

Olive likes to sit on a chair at the dinner table, she sits upright on the couch like a person to watch TV with them, and she sleeps in their bed with them, right in the middle, under the covers with her head on a pillow. She has her own ottoman by the front window that she sits on all day and looks for squirrels from like it's her job.

Dog Photographer PittsburghFine Art Dog Photographer PittsburghFine Art Dog Photographer PittsburghPet Photographer in Pittsburgh

Olive is super affectionate, loves giving kisses, and loves to be cradled like a baby on her back. Ashley says; everyone who meets her falls in love with her. I can only agree. :)

Dog Photographer in PittsburghDog Photographer in Pittsburgh

As for her name, when they got her, she was super tiny (she weighed about 6 pounds). When they were thinking about names, they were trying to think of things they liked. Ashley loves olives and eat them like candy. She thought Olive would be a cute name and Olive was teeny tiny like a little olive, so it just stuck. Ashley is still waiting for Drew Barrymore to apologize for stealing Olive's name for her daughter. ;)

Portrait session in Mellon ParkPet Photography in PittsburghPet Photography in PittsburghPet Photography in PittsburghPet Photography in PittsburghPet Photography in PittsburghOlive is going to be featured on the cover of Tail in the City's premier issue that is soon to be released. I won't reveal which picture that was chosen for the cover just yet, but will share as soon as I see it in print.