Spring in Mellon Park

In the north part of Sweden where I grew up, spring doesn't really exist. We usually have snow until the end of April (with an occasional snowfall in May just to mess with you) and once it gets warm the birch trees go BOOM and the leaves are out. In Pittsburgh I really enjoy how spring comes in stages, and unless the magnolias freeze just as the blooms open, you get to enjoy them before the tulips and the dogwoods bloom. These film scans of the early signs of spring in Mellon Park just came back from Richard Photo Lab. I love the fact that no tweaking was necessary (in contrary to the typical workflow for digital photography). I think that personal work is really important for the soul and for creating an artistic vision. That's why it is so fun to just pick up the film camera and play every once in a while. Of course Alice comes along on these little adventures as well. pittsburgh film photographerpittsburgh film photographerpittsburgh film photographer