Among the lilacs

A common occurrence in our household these days is that I come home from work, give my husband a kiss, hug Alice, run upstairs for my camera, and ask Bradley if he can come outside for just a minute before it gets too dark  (no isn't really an option ;)). Despite it being in the middle of an intense playoff hockey game he comes along. He is a sweetheart. This time I told him to just stand still in front of our lilac bush, look at me, and ignore the people that were walking by. He is a trooper for sure. In the meantime I was taking nine images that were later stitched together into one. Next time I'll definitely take more images of the background so that the resulting image is even larger (as if 250MB isn't enough for my cranky old computer). However, since this portrait was just taken for the sake of playing I am quite satisfied with how cool it looks with the resulting shallow depth of field, and will continue to have fun with it. For the other nerds out there, the panoramic stitching method is also referred to as the Brenizer Method.

"Whether success or failure, I want the satisfaction of knowing my results are my own." - Pat Flynn 

Benizer Method

Of course my husband always votes for the color version. While I like color, I am also a sucker for black and white. It just has a bit of nostalgia that I love. Benizer Method

Couldn't resist taking a picture of the lilac bush while I was at it. Lilac in bloom