Behind the Scenes - Molyneaux Photo Shoot

The Grizz recently won Molyneaux's pet contest and will be featured on billboards around Pittsburgh later this year. The winner received a professional photo shoot with Jenny Karlsson Photography, and we had such a great time on the day of his photo shoot. Today I'm sharing a few pictures that his mom Marianne and I took behind the scenes.

molyneaux pet photo contestmolyneaux pet photo contestmolyneaux pet photo contest

Tori, Molyneaux's social media manager, and I tried to sing lullabies for the The Grizz, but he wasn't impressed. molyneaux pet photo contestInstead, he thought it would be much better if his mom was part of the picture as well. molyneaux pet photo contestThis is one of my favorite photos of him. He looks so dapper. The actual photo for the billboard has not been selected yet, but am currently in the works. I can't wait to reveal the result. A champagne breakfast under one of the billboards is in the works. :) molyneaux pet photo contest Towards the end of our shoot Grizz almost fell asleep in Marianne's arms. It's hard work being a model. :) molyneaux pet photo contest When we left he enjoyed the warming sun, and napped the afternoon away. The Grizz