Selecting the Right Size Print for Your Space

Imagine this: your fabulous pet, an amazing photo, and the desire to display that photo in all its glory in your home. Faced with dozens of image sizes and options, you decide that a "bigger" photo will make a better impact. Bigger is better, right? That's what a lot of my clients assume, but as your professional pet photographer my job is to help you select the best size of printed photographs to maximize their impact in your home. So to illustrate this point, and get some great new samples to share with my clients, I placed an order last week. When the box of sample photos arrived I carefully unpacked each one and was totally excited to have such beautiful pictures of my dog Alice to display around my house and share with my clients. Pure joy! But then I came to the final image, the largest one, and I unpacked it to reveal the following photo:alice on the mantel 1 After living with the image on our mantel for a few days, I've titled it "Alice - The Dictator in Our Living Room." Alice now reigns over the entire space, not to mention our sofa! I get an uneasy feeling in this room now, like she's watching me all the time, when I'm just trying to relax. The source of this unease became clear: bigger photos are not always better! This photo is too big for our living room. It doesn't matter that the 24x36 print is a portrait of my beloved Alice. It's simply too big, overwhelming our space. As I attempted to take a photo to illustrate the size comparison (truly life sized), Alice got a look at herself and totally freaked, bolting for the stairs. (Only after a lot of bribes did she agree to pose for this picture!) alice on the mantel 1-2

What size would fit on my wall?

Even though larger prints are better suited for wall art, it is important to keep the size of the space where you want to hang the photo clearly in mind.  As my client, I'm totally here to help you avoid having a dictator in your living room. To make the process of choosing the right size prints in your "photo selection session" as easy as possible, tape a letter size piece of paper  (8.5"x11") on the wall where you'd like your photo to hang. Take the photo straight on, and email it to me before your "photo selection session."


Two weeks after the our photo session with your pet, we'll get together for an ordering appointment and go through the images one by one. With the help of an app on my trusty iPad, we'll separate your photos into categories such as LoveLike, and Not Right Now. We'll export your Love category into a software program that will do magic, displaying exactly how your framed collection would look on your wall. Below is an example of a framed wall collection that my pet and family clients can select to showcase their photos this year. Aren't they gorgeous?!

wall gallery design aglow

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