Personality Prints: Sam Laffey

In this week's edition of Personality Prints, a series about entrepreneurs/creatives/artists and their pets, we get to know Sam Laffey. I first met Sam at a happy hour for women entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh. Later we both joined a mastermind hosted by Propelle, and since then Sam has become a great friend of mine. I am so excited for you to learn more about Sam and her adorable pups Porter and Jeanie.Porter&JeanieColor009 Tell me where you can be found.

Tell me a little bit about your business. I wear so many different hats that my first instinct was to ask "to which business are you referring?" I'm the Design & New Media Manager at Pittsburgh Glass Center, the co-owner of Porter Loves Photography, and my new solo venture is Copywriting for Creatives.

I love to write and edit. I am enthusiastic about helping artists and creative business owners find success. I've found that writing artist statements, bios, grant proposals, and more can be unreasonably challenging to those that put all their energy into creative work- we can't all be great at everything, right? It was in this discovery that I identified a way to marry my enthusiasm for supporting artists and my love of writing. My goal is to help artists and creatives succeed through clear, concise and compelling copywriting and copyediting.

Tell me about your pets. How did they come into your life? Porter is a 4 year old Boston Terrier/Pug mix that we've had since he was 7 weeks old. We actually first found his sister through an organization called Friends of Homeless Animals and tried to apply for her. When we were called for our adoption interview, we were told that his sister was already spoken for and asked if we were interested in any others from this abandoned litter. When I showed my partner Nathan the picture of Porter, he literally teared up and I knew we had found our first pup.

Jeanie is a 2 year old Boston Terrier that we've had since she was about 11 weeks old. We found her through a different organization that had rescued her and her litter mates from certain death at a puppy mill. We suspect the puppy mill tossed them aside because of their non-traditional markings, which we of course love. Jeanie's nickname is Teenie Weenie Jeanie Beanie because the #1 question we get when people meet her or see her picture is "so, is she going to get any bigger?" She was struck with a case of Giardia when she was a baby that took several courses of medication to do away with. She turned out perfectly healthy and happy but was robbed off important nutrients during a crucial part of her growth and development. So the result is that she's happy and healthy and teeny.Porter&JeanieColor002

Do you and your dog (pets) share personality traits that have helped you in life/business? These two are a loving brother and sister but are in some ways so totally different. We often joke that they exhibit highly stereotypical gender roles. I think they both have some traits that I identify with. Porter is totally fearless, wants everyone to be his friend, attacks life with all his energy and is often the brutish bull in a china shop despite his small frame. Jeanie is a bit of a delicate flower, letting out cries at the slightest discomfort, crossing her legs like a lady and being most content when she's cuddled under a blanket. Like Porter, I sometimes toss away external concerns and tackle whatever is in front of me with all I have. But like Jeanie, I also know that some days all you can do is find a blanket to block out the world for a while.


How do your pets support you and or inspire you and your business? My pets are an enthusiastic welcoming committee when I come home each day, willing cuddlers and kissers when I need some four-legged comfort, and the most entertaining companions I can imagine on walks. I've learned that laughter is a crucial part of my happiness and my life and these two pups inspire joyful laughter several times a day.


Do you have a favorite quote that you live by? "To really enjoy the better things in life, one must first have experienced the things they are better than." --Oscar Homoka Porter&JeanieColor016

I love this portrait of the whole Porter Loves family.