Lorelai & Mackie

I had the great pleasure of meeting expecting parents Sam and Amy last summer when they wanted me to create a few portraits of their sweet pups Lorelai and Mackie to hang in the nursery. Sam and Amy named Lorelai after Lorelai Gilmore from the show Gilmore Girls. It started as an inside joke that Sam liked the show so much, but after going on for so long, they couldn't resist. Mackie's name was chosen as it is the name of the street in Dublin, Ireland where Sam and Amy first lived together - "Mackie's Place." When the time came for Sam and Amy to get a dog of their very own, they decided a Labradoodle would be perfect as they are known for their intelligence and great temperaments. Sam and Amy searched far and wide for the perfect Australian Labradoodle and found Lorelai's mom and dad who belonged to a breeder in California. They anxiously awaited Lorelai's arrival. After a year with Lorelai, they couldn't resist getting a second and, soon enough, along came Mackie.

Lorelai and Mackie LOVE to chase tennis balls at the park. They also love to fight over their favorite toys and chase each other around the house. No matter how many toys they have, they always want to play with the same one. Lorelai loves to snuggle while Mackie prefers to explore. Here are a few of my favorite portraits that I created for them.

australian labradoodle

australian labradoodle

australian labradoodle

dog kisses

dog giving paw

dogs running

australian labradoodle

dogs playing chase

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happy dog running

australian labradoodle

dogs catching ball

pets and their people

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