One day when Hadas was walking by a pet store by her house in Hawaii she saw 2 little pug puppies in the window. Hadas went inside and held the bigger one (not the runt) and started to think about wanting a pug. At the time, Hadas was a student and working, and purebred pug puppies are expensive so she didn't have the money for it. Hadas kept coming back to the pet store every day for a couple of weeks and found herself thinking about the little runt all the time. He had moles on the side of his face that set him apart from his brother, and everyday, Hadas would look for those little moles, hoping no one had snatched him up.

After receiving a Christmas bonus that year, she was able to get her pug puppy right away. Since he was so small, he got the name Mugsy after Mugsy Bogues, the NBA player who was very short but jumped high since he would jump up on everything despite being so small. It was love at first sight and they've been living happily ever after since (except for some naughtiness here and there!). Mugsy turned 6 last year, and had just returned from vacation in Israel before our session last fall. He is quite the jet-setter! Here are a few favorites from their pet portrait session at Frick Park.