My name is Carson, and you may have seen part of my session when I dressed up for Easter. I’m a 4-year-old boxer/pit mix. I was named before I met my mom but since it seemed to fit me so well and I already knew it so she kept it. I have a big broad boxer chest with a tiny pit bull head, which makes people think I’m chubby.

My mom went to meet a white Boxer through Furkid rescue. She wanted a male who would get along with another dog in the family, so the rescue brought me along just in case since I am a mellow boy. I was too anxious to wait my turn so I jumped out the car window and ran across the park to meet mom then so politely sat down wagging my tail waiting for those passing by to pet me. I stole her heart right then.

I have always been an old soul and tend to be a lazy boy. I like to cuddle with mom and my cat siblings most of the time. I also have a serious bone addiction and spend hours chewing. I even take them to bed with me to make sure no one steals them. When im with friends, i like to run zoomies and wrestle. Occasionally, I will play tug but its mainly because i like to hang out and be dragged across the carpet. Then I steal the toy and meticulously chew it apart into tiny pieces.

I have mastered basic obedience commands but can be stubborn at times. It usually results in a few extra treats before I do what mom wants me to do. However, mom has tried to get me to speak with my whiny boxer howl, but I refuse. I do like to jump up and hold on to her shoulders though when I hear the word Hug.