Roman & Milo

Sam and I met many years ago when she brought her pup Buster to my photo booth at an event. It meant a lot to me when she invited me to his memorial when he passed away a couple of years later. Sam loved Buster so much. When she was ready to find another dog to join her home, together with her adopted stray cat Milo, she found a very dapper Beagle named Roman who was living in a foster home at Forever Home Beagle Rescue. On 4th of July his foster mom packed his bag, took him to the airport, said goodbye, and put him in an airplane with several other dogs who were flying to Pittsburgh. Sam met him at the airport and brought him to his forever home. Roman and Milo gets along very well, and it was so much fun to document the three of them at home where their individual personalities could really come through. Here are a few of my favorites from their session.