Woof! My name is Clementine. I'm a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix, and I'm really cute. My most defining characteristic is my ears! And my high energy! My mom and dad are crazy Pittsburgh Pirates fans, so they wanted to pay tribute to the Pirates with my name, Roberta Clementine, after the great Roberto Clemente. I wanted to go to Pup Night at PNC Park earlier this year, but they said I'm not old enough yet. Next year I'll be there for sure.

Miss Joy from the Humane Society knew my mommy wanted a Boston Terrier, and when I came to WPHS, Miss Joy emailed her right away (but she thought I was a boy! How rude!). My parents waited until they said I was cleared medically and they rushed down to see me! I had just come out of spay surgery, so I was pretty groggy. Because my sparkling personally wasn't shining through, I decided to just be cute and curl up in their laps to take a nap. That must have been enough, because the next day when I was allowed to go home, they came with a new orange leash and collar take me home!

My favorite things to do is play with my wubba kong, ball, and any new toys that come in my BarkBox. Even though I'm only one, I know lots of tricks. My favorite is to high five when my mom and dad says "Raise the Jolly Roger".

Here are a few of my favorite portraits that Jenny took of me and my mom and dad one beautiful summer evening on the North Shore. I think she really captured how cute I am.