A Friday On Flushing Ave

In less that two weeks I'm heading to Portland, OR to attend YAN Fam Way 2.0 and I seriously can't wait. This is a workshop for alumns of Yan's workshop that I attended in May last year. The upcoming trip has me going down memory lane. You may have seen my walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and my run-in to Kalles Kaviar. The final piece of that trip that I haven't shared yet was the neighborhood in Brooklyn where I stayed thanks to taking a gamble on Hotwire.

The taxi driver turned to me as we approached my hotel, and asked if I'd ever been to this neighborhood before. It almost sounded like he hadn't. Even though the neighborhood on Flushing Ave looked completely foreign from the the image that I have of NYC, I felt at home. While different and not as charming as it's Pittsburgh counterpart, it still reminded me of the first neighborhood I lived in when moving to Pittsburgh; Squirrel Hill. I decided to capture my walk from the hotel on my way to the subway station on this Friday morning when everyone was preparing for Sabbath.