Woof! My name is Bismarck! After Otto Von Bismarck. My mom figured a good German dog needed a good German name! (Even though my mom is Dutch...) I am 3.5 human years. As soon as my mom graduated from college, she knew she wanted to add a dog to her life. Her family was moving away to North Carolina (I love visiting them!) and she wanted a furry companion.

The day she graduated college was the day she came to meet my brothers and I, and the day we met for the first time. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to get her attention. I was the last puppy she played with (my brothers were kind of bullies), and I was the runt of the litter. I knew I had to get her attention, so I made sure I followed her everywhere, and as soon as she sat down I climbed into her lap and fell asleep! Thankfully my plan worked, and I've been following her on all of her adventures ever since!

I am a purebred German Shepherd, the classic black and tan. I do have a scar on my face that I got from one of my brothers (told you they were bullies), but thankfully my mom likes it, and says it makes me look tough (and like Harry Potter, whoever that is). My most defining characteristic is that I am a momma's boy, and I looove being around my people. I am always on alert for anything going on outside. I'm pretty athletic too!

My favorite thing to do is play, play, play! I looove playing fetch with my mom. Or tug of war. Or wrestling. But I do also enjoy swimming, hikes in the woods, car rides, and, of course, shopping. I do love going to the dog park, but I usually just hang out with mom until she plays fetch with me.

My mom and I met Jenny at Frick Park for a super fun time of play and photos last October. I think I look quite dapper. Take a look!