Lilli & Dio

I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled into the driveway, to meet Krista and Matt and their German Shepherds Lilli (black) and Dio (silver), and saw the fall display that Krista's parents had prepared by the barn for their portrait session. I was in heaven! 

Lilli came into Krista and Matt's life out of desperation. They were all set to adopt a black German Shepherd when the foster parent called Krista on V-day to let her know that they had to put the pet down due to cancer. To cope with this heartbreaking situation they started searching for a German Shepherd,  found Lilli, and the next day drove to Michigan to pick her up. 

Dio was a rescue dog from Ohio, and was found during an internet search when Krista and Matt were looking for dog crates. He was only 5 months old when he came into their lives. He was found tied to a pole for the better part of winter, hardly fed, and his body was only skin and bones. He is now a handsome young man who is so happy!

I feel so lucky for all the amazing people and pups that I get meet and document. Here are a few of my favorites from Krista and Matt's session.