"I'm So Glad We'll Have These Photos To Remember Everyone"

"The favorite thing about our time with Jenny was that she was SO patient. Dealing with four dogs at one time was exhausting for me, and I was convinced that we would come out with no good shots. But Jenny was very patient and never became frustrated or irritated at anyone. And the pictures turned out to be amazing and included shots with all four dogs and two people!

Testimonial for Pet Photography with Jenny Karlsson

We would absolutely work with Jenny Karlsson Photography again! Jenny is so nice and accommodating, and the pictures are beautiful. They're seriously better than anything I could've imagined. Jenny also worked really well with our dogs and came prepared with squeaky things that they liked way better than the squeaky things we brought!

The products that we purchased makes me feel warm and nostalgic. I love how everything turned out, and I love the prints we purchased. We knew we were going to lose Derby, and it means so much that we were able to document our family before he passed away. Julep and Larry are both old pups too -- I'm so glad we'll have these photos to remember everyone. Jenny captured their individual quirks and personalities incredibly well.

My advice for anyone who is on the fence about hiring Jenny Karlsson Photography? DO IT!"

-- Courtney & Garrett


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