In Memory of Noelle

A few weeks ago I received an email from Cindy. Her cat, Noelle, whom had been with her since she was a wee kitten (found in a drainage pipe in the middle of winter together with her siblings and mother) until she turned 16, had just been put on hospice after a very hard fight against cancer. I happened to have the next day open and drove over to document their relationship. Their bond was unmistakable.

A week later Noelle crossed the rainbow bridge. I visited Cindy after she had taken Noelle to be cremated, and Cindy asked me to take a picture of Noelle's belongings in their favorite spot. That same afternoon a little kitten peeked through the shrubs in front of the house as Cindy made her way up towards the house. Cindy couldn't help but laugh and say No Noelle, I'm not ready yet, as she put out a food bowl for the little one whom had disappeared. Please hug your loved ones a little bit extra tonight.

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