Remy & Moe

I was excited to head out to Matt and Melissa’s home in June to capture a few portraits of their dogs Moe and Remy before the little man was making his arrival.  As I turned into the driveway dark clouds were rolling in over the hill. Within 30 minutes the lightning danced across the sky and we ran inside for cover from the massive rainstorm.

Moe, a 7.5 year old chocolate lab that’s been blessed with distinguishing grey hairs since he was one, was Matt’s first dog and was named after the band Moe, one of his favorite bands. Remy just turned 3 and is an English Spring Spaniel. His name is short for Remington, after the gun brand, because Matt used to be a big hunter.               

They talked about getting another dog for a while but hadn't decided on a particular breed. Melissa had really wanted a Springer Spaniel or a Brittany and Matt came across a breeder who was just starting out. Matt decided on a whim to get Remy as a surprise for Melissa. She couldn't have been more excited!                       

Moe’s favorite thing is being outside chasing sticks, while Remy loves to lounge around inside, give hugs, and clean out the food bowls. Here are a few of my favorite portraits from their session.