Six Furry Kids

Meet Patti, Mike, and their six furry kids; Frankie J, Johnny, Tessa Rose, Ruby Rae, Gemma Grace, and Harlow Jean. Most would probably sweat at the thought of photographing six dogs at once but we had such a great time, and the session really captured each of their personalities and their love for Patti and Mike. Also, I seriously can’t get over how cute little Ruby Rae and Gemma Grace were in their holiday dresses.  

Patti rescued Frankie J and Johnny on October 14th. When going to pick them up from the rescue organization, Patti kept humming the song, "Frankie & Johnny". Patti’s sister called during this drive and asked what she was going to name the new pups. Patti’s sister said, "I think you should name them Frankie & Johnny!" When Patti asked her why, she said she couldn't get the song out of her head. When Patti brought them home, Mike asked what their names were going to be. He said, jokingly, "How about Pete & Repeat?" Patti replied, "No way!" He said, "How about Frankie & Johnny?" The third time was not a coincidence! When Patti later googled the story of Frankie & Johnny, it seems that Frankie killed Johnny on October 14th. Too weird, eh?

Ruby Rae, Gemma Grace, and Harlow Jean were relatively recent rescues. They were part of a hoarding situation, where a woman had 40 dogs and 25 cats. When Patti visited the Beaver County Humane Society, she came across two white toy poodles that were in a cage together. When they saw their future mommy, they sat up like little prairie dogs! Patti fell in love with them immediately. Both are very affectionate little gals who like to be "scarves" on Patti at night. Harlow Jean was also part of this hoarding situation. Harlow Jean is a Maltese with one eye. It’s unclear as to how she lost it. Patti and her husband refer to her as "Marco Polo" because she is an explorer! What a cast of characters!

Here are a few favorites from their session. If you have one (or six!) furry kids of your own, now is the perfect time to inquire and learn more about my pet photography sessions!