blue border collie


Hi, my name is Poppy! Here are a few favorite photos from my pet portrait session at Phipps Conservatory before I became a big sister. I had was such a fun evening and hope that they’ll leave a smile on your face.

When my parents found me they named me Poppy. It seemed fitting because I'm pretty, spontaneous and energetic. Plus, it reminded my parents of their honeymoon when they saw a bunch of Poppy flowers. :)

I’m a 2years old A Blue Border Collie. Some say I don't have "correct" markings to take part as a show dog, but that's one of the reasons my parents chose me. They loved my off-centered white and fluffy tail. I have big bright eyes and pearly white teeth! If you ask me what my most defining characteristic is, I’d have to go with my fluffy tail.

I like to learn tricks, go to the dog park, take walks, play in side and give high fives, but my favorite thing to do is FRISBEE, FRISBEE AND MORE FRISBEE!