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Rufus & Armani - A Christmas Card Story

One of my favorite times of the year is when I receive a call from Pat to schedule a session for a holiday card with Rufus and Armani. It all started three years ago when Pat wanted to do it as a surprise for her sons. Then we did it a second time, and this year people were asking Pat if she had had their photo taken yet. I love how it has become a tradition. As you can imagine whenever you combine a cat + a dog + a Christmas display it is going to be an adventure, so I've included a couple of behind-the-scenes photos as well. Here are a few of my favorites. I can't wait until next year! 

Family Photography in Frick Park

I intended to clean the house today but I was constantly distracted with thoughts of which photos to include in this post. I finally decided, and the house got cleaned. :) Whenever I need a smile on my face I open up these photos. In late November I met with Little miss E and her family to capture a photo for their Christmas card. Miss E was a little suspicious of me and the camera at first but after speaking some Swedish, and playing with the leaves... we were on good terms. I am so happy with the result. Enjoy. Child Portraiture

Frick Park: A Christmas Card

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had an unusually warm and sunny day here in Pittsburgh. It was the perfect day for photography, and I got to spend the afternoon with little miss E and her family. This is my top candidate for their Christmas card and since I can’t decide if I prefer color or black and white... I'll just show you both.

Frick Park Christmas Card Color

Frick Park Christmas Card B&W