The Baptism of Little Miss K

On a Saturday in late November I had the honor to capture the baptism of little miss K. I have previously shown you some of the photos that I took prior to the event at St Bede Parish in Pittsburgh. The large group photo of all the cousins was prepared on canvas as a Christmas gift for the grandparents :) Today I'd like to share some of the highlights from the baptism that was short and sweet. Little miss K was so cute and actively followed everything that was going on around her.

Baptism at St Bede Parish: A sneak peak

November was a very special month, not only for the fact that it included an opportunity to test my wings as the primary photographer at an event, but also because I was surrounded by some of the most adorable babies and toddlers that one could ask for. In this preview I’d like to introduce you to little miss K who was the big star at her baptism, which I photographed at St Bede Parish. In a later post, I will share some of the family photos that I took before the event. St Bede Baptism Portrait

St Bede Parish Pittsburgh, PA - Location Scouting

A little bit over a month ago I was asked if I would be interested in taking a group photo of a family that was going to gather in Pittsburgh at St Bede Parish for a baptism. Since I was sitting in a meeting when I read the email I couldn't do more than silently smile, but inside me I was dancing and wohooo-ing like never before. After committing to the event, I began to do some research. This involved getting an idea of the layout of the church, the amount of natural light present (a scarce resource in most churches), and the phone number of a person at the church who could answer some basic questions. While I'll be sharing some other preparations in another post... Here is a glimpse of some of the details at St Bede that is located in Point Breeze. st bede parish pittsburgh pa