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I recently visited my sister-in-law Katie who lives in Seattle. Since it was my first time there we walked all over, and I captured all the little things that caught my eye along the way. A visit to the Public Market was a must. The botanical garden in Volunteer Park reminded me a lot of Phipps Conservatory, which I love. Katie treated me to a belated birthday dinner at the Walrus and the Carpenter where we sampled 9 different kinds of oysters, which were all AMAZING. I also met up with my friend Per-Ola, and his Anatolian Shepherd Quentin, whom I met 10 years ago on a mailing list for Swedes around the world. It was so great to finally meet in person. Seattle is such a cool place, and I can't wait to go back. 

All photos were shot with my Nikon F100, Portra 800 film, and developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Francis & Struggles

Shannon's friends surprised her with a pet portrait session for her pups, Francis and Struggles, this past Christmas. They knew how much she loves her furbabies, and with the newest family member arriving any day they also knew that change was imminent. Francis and Struggles were such a hoot. It was almost as if they knew that they weren't going to be allowed on the bed anymore when the baby arrived, so they absolutely enjoyed themselves. I love the photos that we created, and you can just tell how much they love their mom.


It was ferociously windy when I met Ron, Stacy and Tux at Seton Hill University. Tux, who had just been picked up from the groomer, was super-fluffy and the wind made him look extra handsome. Ron and Stacy met at Seton Hill, where they both went to college. Later they got married on campus, but they hadn't brought Tux there yet. Since it is such a special place for them, it was the perfect location and we lucked out with the most gorgeous sunset to conclude the session. 

Annapolis | Adventures with Film

Earlier this year we headed to Annapolis to visit our friends and to celebrate my birthday. Of course I couldn't leave home without a camera, so I brought my Mamiya C330 that I had recently purchased. It is a thing of beauty, and is so much fun to use. Not only because of the fact that everything is manual and you feel like your whole being is part of taking the picture, but also because of the looks you get from kids when they see this old thingamajig. I love these film portraits of my friends. Good times. mamiya c330

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