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Woof! My name is Bismarck! After Otto Von Bismarck. My mom figured a good German dog needed a good German name! (Even though my mom is Dutch...) I am 3.5 human years. As soon as my mom graduated from college, she knew she wanted to add a dog to her life. Her family was moving away to North Carolina (I love visiting them!) and she wanted a furry companion.

The day she graduated college was the day she came to meet my brothers and I, and the day we met for the first time. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to get her attention. I was the last puppy she played with (my brothers were kind of bullies), and I was the runt of the litter. I knew I had to get her attention, so I made sure I followed her everywhere, and as soon as she sat down I climbed into her lap and fell asleep! Thankfully my plan worked, and I've been following her on all of her adventures ever since!

I am a purebred German Shepherd, the classic black and tan. I do have a scar on my face that I got from one of my brothers (told you they were bullies), but thankfully my mom likes it, and says it makes me look tough (and like Harry Potter, whoever that is). My most defining characteristic is that I am a momma's boy, and I looove being around my people. I am always on alert for anything going on outside. I'm pretty athletic too!

My favorite thing to do is play, play, play! I looove playing fetch with my mom. Or tug of war. Or wrestling. But I do also enjoy swimming, hikes in the woods, car rides, and, of course, shopping. I do love going to the dog park, but I usually just hang out with mom until she plays fetch with me.

My mom and I met Jenny at Frick Park for a super fun time of play and photos last October. I think I look quite dapper. Take a look!

Personality Prints: The Good Dog Club

Today's Personality Prints interviewee is Lisa Johnson, owner of The Good Dog Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Whenever we go out of town our dog Alice stays at her home. I couldn't ask for a better dog walker as she treats Alice as one of her own. We met for a portrait session at Frick Park right around Halloween last year with her son Davion, who had dressed up as a Ninja for the occasion, and their pups Buddy, Jake and Mister. 

Tell me a little bit about your business.

The Good Dog Club, where any pet can be a good dog is a latchkey companion animal caregiving business. We provide services ranging from daily walks, group romps, and socialization work for dogs, to dispensing medication and providing for basic needs of any pet. We board dogs, do overnight visits, and anything in between, always seeking to adapt to the needs of the family and their pal(s).

Tell me about your pets. How did they come into your life?

My Buddy, who passed last year, came into my life the same year I adopted my son after that sweet face won my heart at the Animal Rescue League. Buddy was my gentle alpha who didn't tolerate nonsense and had an amazingly gentle way of straightening bad dogs out. Our chocolate lab, Jake, is my son's dog. He was an unclaimed stray found at about 3 years old, unneutered full of himself when we took him in. It took a full 6 months to convince him that every single ball encountered didn't belong to him, regardless of who was playing with it! Mister is our yorkie poo, a teenie tough guy/lover who was purchased from a family found on the internet. He was the tiniest puppy I'd ever seen, arriving with motorcycle grease from his previous home in his hairdoo!

Do you and your dogs (pets) share personality traits that has helped you in life/business? 

Buddy was the most amazing dog to work with as he never met a dog he didn't like. He had a clear sense of right and wrong and, within those parameters, everyone was a friend to him. He always had a really calming and direct way with other dogs which set the tone for many group romps over the years.

How does your pets support you and or inspire you and your business?

The name, the Good Dog Club, comes from time spent with my beloved Ruby, mainly in Minneapolis. In our large circle of friends, I would put the call out for a meeting of the Good Dog Club and it was on! We'd head to a local park or lake and let the dogs run free! Seemed the perfect image for a business that seeks to promote joy and well being in the lives of our companions.

Do you have a favorite quote that you live by?

Excuses disempower self, action is cure. I lifted that from the bathroom wall at Film in the Cities in St. Paul, Minnesota 30 years ago!


My name is Brewknow, and I was adopted from the Animal Rescue League two years ago. I initially had the name Bruno, but my dad who owns a brewery changed the spelling. I’m a 4 years old Pit bull and American Bulldog mix. My most defining characteristic is my smile and my ears. I have 2 speeds, 100 mph and stop/sleep. My favorite activity involve running and walking everywhere in the city. I love to hike in Frick Park and also play in the water fountains in the Southside Works and Heth’s Park. Here are a few favorites from Brewknow’s portrait session at Frick Park. 

The Coyer Family

It is incredibly rewarding to be invited to document a family not only once, but twice. Last fall I met the Coyer family at Frick Park on one of the most gorgeous weekends of the entire month of October. Little miss Carolynn had grown so much since I last saw her, and was full of energy and personality. I swear it melts my heart every time I look at these images, and the way that she played with her dogs Zeke and Tyke. Here are a few of my favorite family portraits that I created that evening.pittsburgh family photographers family photos with pets CoyerFamilyColor028 kids and dogs family photos with petsCoyerFamilyColor045 kissing daddymommy and me photos pittsburgh

Guinness & Roulette

Meet Natali, Eric and their sweet pups Guinness and Roulette. The first time I met Guinness he was participating in the Bark Shadyside pup walk, and was happily trotting up Ellsworth Ave when I stopped him and Natali for a picture. On this beautiful summer evening I finally got to meet his sister Roulette. She has the most gorgeous eyes, and a hilarious personality. She just loves getting belly scratches and catching tennis balls. Looking back at their beautiful portraits that we created in Frick Park makes me smile and long for warm summer nights, just like this one, with awesome people and their pets. Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 002Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 001Guinness&Roulette3 Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 003 pet portraits in pittsburgh Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 005 Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 006 Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 007 Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 008 Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 009 Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 011Pet Photographer Pittsburgh Frick Park 010