Family Photography in Frick Park

I intended to clean the house today but I was constantly distracted with thoughts of which photos to include in this post. I finally decided, and the house got cleaned. :) Whenever I need a smile on my face I open up these photos. In late November I met with Little miss E and her family to capture a photo for their Christmas card. Miss E was a little suspicious of me and the camera at first but after speaking some Swedish, and playing with the leaves... we were on good terms. I am so happy with the result. Enjoy. Child Portraiture

The Baptism of Little Miss K

On a Saturday in late November I had the honor to capture the baptism of little miss K. I have previously shown you some of the photos that I took prior to the event at St Bede Parish in Pittsburgh. The large group photo of all the cousins was prepared on canvas as a Christmas gift for the grandparents :) Today I'd like to share some of the highlights from the baptism that was short and sweet. Little miss K was so cute and actively followed everything that was going on around her.

Posing in the dark (alt. Name that movie pose)

It was a random Friday night and I had recently received my new SB-900 flash in the mail. Excited to try it out, I decided to attempt some off-camera lighting in our backyard. Not having done it before... someone would probably say... why didn't you just set up a chair or something and try this flash technique? Well... good point. Didn't think of that. On the other hand... it is much more fun to spend the night with my husband :) who accepts my crazy posing requests. I love him.