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Personality Prints: Tori Mistick

It is time for the second installment of Personality Prints. An interview series focusing on the bond between creatives/artists/entrepreneurs and their pets. The first time I met Tori Mistick, and her two pups Lola and Lucy, was at Petagogy's first anniversary party photo booth. Little did I know that this quick encounter where Lucy, a puppy at the time, who was climbing all over her older (and patient) sister Lola, would lead to gaining three great friends. I often see Tori and the girls at various Shadyside events or at Mellon Park, and it melts my heart when Lola and Lucy recognize me and come running with their tails wagging to say hi. 

Tori is a big advocate in the local small business community, she is funny, fashionable, and a huge dog lover. I am beyond ecstatic to share the images that we captured on this gorgeous spring evening, and I know you're going to love getting to know Tori as much as I have.

tori mistick

Tell me where you can be found online My business is www.torimistick.com, my blog is www.wearwagrepeat.com and I’m @tmistick on twitter.

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Tell me a little bit about your business. For 3 or 4 years I’ve had my own business doing social media marketing for local stores, restaurants, non-profits and more. I love working with independent businesses and bringing them into the 21st century with their marketing! I generally work one-on-one with the owner or a marketing person to develop a social media strategy for them that often includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, e-mail blasts and beyond! I’ve worked for businesses large and small on all sorts of projects, and it’s that diversity that keeps things interesting.

Last year I started Wear Wag Repeat as a blogging outlet for me to share my two favorite things, fashion and my dogs. It’s morphed a little bit to include some recipes, DIY projects and community events that I’m involved in. The blogging community is really fun to be a part of, and I love seeing what other small scale bloggers like me are doing every day. There is so much creativity in the world!pittsburgh dog photographer pet family photo

Tell me about your pets. I have two English Chocolate Labs, Lola and Lucy. They are local celebs, for sure. I post entirely too many photos of them online so now people recognize them on the street. Lola just turned 11 years old and Lucy is 2, so there is never a dull moment. We spend at least an hour every day at one of our city’s fabulous parks.chocolate labradors dog photography Do you and your dogs share personality traits that have helped you in life/business? The best thing about my dogs is that they force me to get out of my house several times a day. Without them I don’t think I’d be as organized with how I spend my time. I try to get all my work done very efficiently so that I can get them out to play. When I’m not working or spending my free time at the park, the three of us love to cuddle up together and share some popcorn and a movie!dog running in mellon parkpets and their peoplepet family photo How do your pets support you and or inspire you and your business? They live in the moment, and I think it’s important for everyone to try to do that. But, I’ve also transferred my love of dogs into many work projects! I would say 50% of my clients have done a pet related campaign, contest or event thanks to me! The two biggest ones I work on are the annual Molyneaux Pet Photo Contest and the Bark Shadyside Pup Walk. I’ve met some awesome people through those projects, and others, all thanks to my dogs!tori mistick

Do you have a favorite quote that you live by? My dad always says this line from one of our family friends: “Who’s better than us?” I love that quote because it reminds you to treat yourself well and savor every moment. Why save the good dishes and the best wine for company, who’s better than us?!mellon park photography

Victoria | Pittsburgh Pet Photography

I am so excited to finally share Victoria's gorgeous portrait session with you guys. I met her, Kathleen, and Matt on one of the most beautiful summer evenings in the end of June. Victoria, an adorable Maltese who just turned 5, is named after Queen Victoria as she is confident that she is destined for greatness as the next top dog model. Victoria enjoys sports, and is quite talented at wakeskating according to the pictures I've seen on Facebook. Victoria also loves playing fetch, and every time Kathleen said Viiiiiictooooriaaaaaa during the session, she came flying down the hill, jumping as high as she could, with her favorite pink bunny in tow. It was so much fun and I just love these images. Enjoy!