pittsburgh pet photographer

Mia & Marley

It was an absolutely gorgeousevening in downtown Pittsburgh with the sun setting over the river at the Point when I met Julie and her adorable Cock-a-poo Shih Tzus Mia and Marley. Here are a few favorites from their session.

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Caitlyn and her 7 year-old Beagle Aussie mix Lego joined me for their pet portrait session along the north shore in Pittsburgh on an overcast day that made all the colors really pop. Caitlyn recently moved back to Pittsburgh after graduating from college, and since they often walk along the river in their spare time it was the perfect place for their session. Here are a few of my favorites from that afternoon. 

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Francis & Struggles

Shannon's friends surprised her with a pet portrait session for her pups, Francis and Struggles, this past Christmas. They knew how much she loves her furbabies, and with the newest family member arriving any day they also knew that change was imminent. Francis and Struggles were such a hoot. It was almost as if they knew that they weren't going to be allowed on the bed anymore when the baby arrived, so they absolutely enjoyed themselves. I love the photos that we created, and you can just tell how much they love their mom.

Derby, Julep, Larry & Spike

Today I'd like to share this session with Courtney, Garrett and their four dogs Derby, Julep, Larry and Spike. Courtney contacted me shortly after Derby had been diagnosed with a tumor, and they didn't know how long he had left. Their pups were so sweet, and it was really special to capture this family being together at Hartwood Acres Mansion. Derby crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year and he is deeply missed. This is their story.


Tell me how you got your name...

Derby: my parents are from Kentucky, so they wanted me to have a Kentucky-themed name.

Julep: see above. Also, they really like bourbon.

Larry: I am a crotchety old man. The name fits.

Spike: I was a tiny baby, and they tried out about 50 different names. Spike just stuck.

How old are you?

Larry: I was born before humans began measuring time

How did you come into your parents lives?

Derby: They found me in a shelter in Lexington, KY when I was 8 weeks old. I was the only puppy left who wasn't eating poop. Also, I ripped Dad's pants and he didn't get mad. It was destiny.

Julep: I was in a shelter in Ann Arbor, MI. Mom came to the shelter like once a week for a month and fell in love with me. I mean, who wouldn't? So she convinced Dad that Derby needed a sister.


Larry: Animal control picked me up and took me to the Animal Rescue League. Where'd I come from? I wasn't even neutered yet! They named me Tyrion at the shelter and posted me to Facebook. Mom came in and just took me!

Spike: Someone bought me in Ohio when I was 6 weeks old. They brought me back to Pittsburgh and dumped me at the shelter when their landlord said they couldn't have dogs in their apartment. One of Mommy's friends from the shelter posted me on Facebook, and Mom arranged to pick me up the next day! I was a little baby and so cute!


What is your most defining characteristic?

Derby: My incredibly neurotic personality.

Julep: My stumpy tail and super-sweet demeanor.

Larry: My epilepsy, arthritis, and my exciting stories of war and bar fights.

Spike: My spot. Also, I'm a puppy! I'm a puppy! I'm a puppy!

Do you know any tricks?

Spike: I've completed three masters degrees in philosophy, electrical engineering, and social work. I also have a PH.D. in Australian Studies. I can sit and stay.