Personality Prints: PointBreezeway

Today I am so excited to introduce you to my wonderful friend Lauren Inserra who is this week's Personality Prints interviewee. Lauren and her dad Dennis owns PointBreezeway - a true event space gem in the heart of Point Breeze. If you're looking for an intimate space with lots of character, look no further. 

Earlier this year I asked Lauren if I could come over and document the space, and their resident dog Riley, who is just the cutest pup. It's amazing to see what Lauren has accomplished in a year, and when PointBreezeway recently celebrated it's one year anniversary they launched the PointBreezeway Patio Project. You've got to watch the video! 

I hope that you will enjoy getting to know Lauren as much as I have, and I promise that you will fall in love with this space.

Tell me where you can be found online. 

To find out more about Pointbreezeway visit: www.pointbreezeway.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PointBreezeway, Instagram: @pointbreezeway, and Twitter: @pointbreezeway.

Tell me a little bit about your business.

I have recently converted my childhood home to a pretty amazing little venue. Our house sits on Reynolds Street, right by the Frick Park Market in Point Breeze. We host anything from homestyle weddings, showers and rehearsal dinners to business retreats, networking events, benefits and cast parties! In addition, we proudly open our doors to local musicians, chefs, dancers and performers of all kinds!

The response to PointBreezeway has been incredible! I’m so excited to share the history and the beauty of our space with everyone I can. My goal is to preserve the history of the building (born as a utility barn in 1880 then becoming a tavern/speakeasy and a Tea Room in the 30s and 40s) and to create a thriving family business. My dad still lives upstairs…a true family affair! One day there will be a deck wrapped around the second floor of the house..and everyone in Pittsburgh will have to stop by and overlook Frick Park with us. You can hold me to that.

Tell me about your pets. How did they come into your life?

Riley is actually my dad's dog...but I claim him as my own. He's the best sidekick! Riley was a foster dog that my dad brought in to our lives years ago...he's obviously made himself at home.

Do you and your dog share personality traits that have helped you in life/business?

Riley is the most loving little guy in the world! All he wants to do is snuggle when I arrive. He also shares his love with everyone...I do the same!

How does your pet support you and or inspire you and your business?

Riley is a hot topic around PointBreezeway. When potential clients meet him...they always want him to make an appearance at their event. He makes our venue all the more homey! He's so loved by everyone and he has a quirky and contagious personality...just like my business!

Do you have a favorite quote that you live by?

“And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.” Kurt Vonnegut