Kalles Kaviar in New York City

Kalles Kaviar is a classic condiment from Sweden that separates the population into two camps. You either love it or hate it. No in-between. A while ago the company traveled to Los Angeles to shoot a TV commercial and allowed people to sample their smoked roe. The commercial was hilarious. 

When I traveled to New York City in May to attend a workshop with Yan Palmer I had some time to walk around and enjoy the city before I had to fly back to Pittsburgh. One of the places I love visiting is Union Square. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Kalles Kaviar was making a commercial in New York City. I couldn't resist taking a few photos before I walked on, and I was curious what the New Yorkers would think. I love Kalles Kaviar on my soft-boiled eggs. It always feels like a piece of home. 

Yesterday I googled to see if they had released the commercial and I have to say that those guys are brilliant. Oh the irony when I saw what the commercial was about.