I recently visited my sister-in-law Katie who lives in Seattle. Since it was my first time there we walked all over, and I captured all the little things that caught my eye along the way. A visit to the Public Market was a must. The botanical garden in Volunteer Park reminded me a lot of Phipps Conservatory, which I love. Katie treated me to a belated birthday dinner at the Walrus and the Carpenter where we sampled 9 different kinds of oysters, which were all AMAZING. I also met up with my friend Per-Ola, and his Anatolian Shepherd Quentin, whom I met 10 years ago on a mailing list for Swedes around the world. It was so great to finally meet in person. Seattle is such a cool place, and I can't wait to go back. 

All photos were shot with my Nikon F100, Portra 800 film, and developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Christmas in Washington DC

I love this time of year. When things quiet down I start to dream about the places I want to visit. The things I want to learn. I look back at photos from old trips and let the nostalgia and wanderlust take over. Below are a few film shots from a couple of years ago when we celebrated Christmas in Washington D.C. Thank you for celebrating with me when I resigned from my day job in July to pursue this crazy and wild dream. I am grateful for your support every day! Cheers to a new year with endless possibilities! Botanical Garden Washington DCChristmas in Washington D.C. Christmas in Washington DC000040740020washington dc film photographyShot with my Nikon F100 and Portra 160. Developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.