travel photographer


I recently visited my sister-in-law Katie who lives in Seattle. Since it was my first time there we walked all over, and I captured all the little things that caught my eye along the way. A visit to the Public Market was a must. The botanical garden in Volunteer Park reminded me a lot of Phipps Conservatory, which I love. Katie treated me to a belated birthday dinner at the Walrus and the Carpenter where we sampled 9 different kinds of oysters, which were all AMAZING. I also met up with my friend Per-Ola, and his Anatolian Shepherd Quentin, whom I met 10 years ago on a mailing list for Swedes around the world. It was so great to finally meet in person. Seattle is such a cool place, and I can't wait to go back. 

All photos were shot with my Nikon F100, Portra 800 film, and developed by Richard Photo Lab.