The Walsh Family

Meet Michele, Michael, and their pups Lexi (black/tan GSD), Teddy, Timber (both Anatolian Shepherds), Kramer (black Shepherd), Merlin (gray Shepherd mix), and Toby (red Doberman). What I love about Michele and Michael is that they are passionate about opening their home to foster senior dogs and often volunteer in transporting rescue dogs to their final destination. Most of their wonderful pups are foster failures :) Since they love to play we decided to meet at Bernard Dog Run to capture the whole family and have some fun at the park last October.

About a month and a half ago the Walsh family lost two beautiful souls within a week. At the age of 12, Toby's heart could no longer beat. Toby was your typical red Doberman wanting nothing but to be constantly touching you. His joy was when anyone would stop to pet him on a walk. And his specialty was stealing food in a flash. Loaves of bread, blueberry pie, biscotti and anything else left within reach.

Merlin crossed the rainbow bridge two days later after suffering a stroke that revealed a brain tumor. He was 8 1/2. Merlin was a lovable guy and very lucky that he found the Walsh family. He did not have a nice beginning and spent a few nights in a dumpster. His favorite activity was to lay in bed and watch TV. He enjoyed car rides and immediately learned the button that rolled down his window and loved chewing anything made out of cardboard or paper. He was one of those guys that did nothing wrong.

Michele says: hug, kiss and love your pets every single day that you have them. Their time with us is short.

Consider opening your heart to a senior in need.