Yan Fam Way in Brooklyn

I had been looking forward to the family photography workshop, Yan Fam Way, with Yan Palmer for 3 months when I woke up one morning with an email from Yan that asked if I was OK. OK?!? Of course I was OK. What I then realized was that the workshop in DC was today (!!!) and not in 10 days. Somehow I had made a mistake when I entered it into my electronic calendar. I was devastated. Thankfully Yan had another workshop a month later in NYC with a spot open and Yan kindly invited me to come there instead. I can't even begin to express how happy I am that things worked out in the end.

Yan's family photography workshop has received huge accolades through the years, from previous workshop attendees, and I now know why. It is the best photography workshop I've attended to date. Not only for the in-depth and honest portfolio review that Yan provided, nor the insight into her techniques, but also the other attendees in the room who shared their triumphs and struggles. The whole day felt like an intimate mastermind where Yan asked honest and thought-provoking questions that left every individual with insight of where to go, and how to display more of themselves in their work.

After reviewing my pet, family and personal work, Yan saw something in my work that reflects what is important to me in life, and she wanted me to define what the filter is in my work. I thought about it for a long time, and suddenly it just came to me. I want to create images that make the soul roar with emotion. How that looks in my work will evolve, but I know I am on the right track. Here are a few film photos I took in Brooklyn of this beautiful family who opened their home for us that day.