Yan Fam Way 2.0 - Oregon

It rained every single time we pulled out our cameras during Yan Fam Way 2.0 at the Oregon Coast, and yet it was perfect. While sharing a house with 15 other photographers who had also taken Yan Palmer's workshop in the past, we dug deep to explore the big why behind our photography, and how it guides the images that we make. For me it brought back a memory of being out driving with my family as a kid, and stopping alongside the road for a little picnic in the middle of the blueberry patches. The joy of being together and enjoying a moment is something I often encapsulate in my work. 

It was so special to spend the weekend with these beautiful souls, chatting, laughing, doing morning yoga, cooking, shooting, and reviewing each other's portfolios. Each individual really showed up and were completely open to give and receive feedback on how we could each grow as artists. So much gratitude for Yan who brings together this one of a kind community of creatives. Yan herself is a rare gift and amazing artist. She gives so much of herself in her teachings, and makes every single person feel seen. This weekend was magical.