An Adventure in Saddle Mountain State Park

It is with the fondest of memories that I think back to the trip from Portland to the Oregon Coast with my dear friends Jenna and Elena. We were headed to Manzanita to attend Yanfamway 2.0, an alumni retreat for family photographers who had attended Yan Palmer's workshop in the past. Several times along the way we stopped, and ran out with our cameras in the wilderness. Elena took most of the photos of me in this post, and the square ones towards the end are Jenna's. We were completely mesmerized by the nature and light that surrounded us that day. As we zig-zagged our way through Saddle Mountain State Park we held our breath that none of the potholes or branches from the aftermath of 90 mph winds the night before would stop our adventure. Once we reached the ocean I was completely awestruck. I felt like a kid that day, and that feeling I'll always carry with me.

Lulu + Family

Lately I have been doing a lot of in-home portrait sessions and I love it so, so much. It is really special to be invited into a family's home on a Saturday morning to capture their life together. Is there anything sweeter than the bond between a boy and his dog?

Francis & Struggles

Shannon's friends surprised her with a pet portrait session for her pups, Francis and Struggles, this past Christmas. They knew how much she loves her furbabies, and with the newest family member arriving any day they also knew that change was imminent. Francis and Struggles were such a hoot. It was almost as if they knew that they weren't going to be allowed on the bed anymore when the baby arrived, so they absolutely enjoyed themselves. I love the photos that we created, and you can just tell how much they love their mom.


It was ferociously windy when I met Ron, Stacy and Tux at Seton Hill University. Tux, who had just been picked up from the groomer, was super-fluffy and the wind made him look extra handsome. Ron and Stacy met at Seton Hill, where they both went to college. Later they got married on campus, but they hadn't brought Tux there yet. Since it is such a special place for them, it was the perfect location and we lucked out with the most gorgeous sunset to conclude the session. 

Being Boss Miami

I recently traveled to Miami to attend a retreat for creative entrepreneurs. Women business owners from around the country were all brought together at The Palms Hotel thanks to Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson's podcast, Being Boss. In addition to some much needed beach time, amazing food, an evening on a yacht, and a guided tour of little Havana, we also participated in live podcast recordings, round table discussions, and lectures. The best thing about this conference was meeting all of these amazing bosses whom have done the work and figured out what makes them and their businesses unique. In conversation after conversation I gained a new friend, and a pretty badass tribe.